Lobstercon 2019 report

August 30th, My deck list of what I wanted to play was ready. My tax/edge Artillery/link was ready to take into battle, nothing to bother me about this deck…

Deck that was intended to play

September 1st, My Grand-mother past away… couple of days later I know I will have to make a choice about going to the funeral or the Lobstercon. As you read this report you know what my choice was. So inside of me I knew I have to make something special for her.

Was thinking to add guardian Angel in my previous build but was this enough?

I have decided to go with something way more spiritual, Since I will not attend the funeral and I was feeling bad about it… but I knew I can do something good in her memory. I have bought 6 Ange Gardien as give away to my opponents during the tournament (sadly or not it was 7 rounds this year). Was planning to give them if you were not sideboarding during our match.

September 21, the deck I have decided to play

September 21 the morning of the Lobstercon we took our deck pic for the tournament I decided to go all in with my deck idea of religious themed deck after a big Coffee with Some Baileys to start the day on the Good foot. 2 beer Later we arrive at the event already thirsty we can enter the event. 1 beer later the event was about to start, so I was going to grab another one for the first round.

Round 1 : Christopher Mason (uw Argo) first game went pretty fast couldn’t hold on is lion and efreet still manage to get an extra turn to live with my guardian angel to prevent 5point but still die the next turn,needed a balance that not come. In between game one and two before sideboard I show him an French guardian and asked to not side boarding against me and he accepted. Game 2 Christopher was mana short so I gave all that I got…A preacher with blessing on it, did 19 damage to him during I loss life point using my City of brass before he finally got a plain and get rid of my preacher with StP. I did not been able to finish the job… great matchup and have already some victory inside my heart for what I have managed to do with the preacher in game 2. Christopher buy me a beer after earring my story and thx him a lot for it. Hope to see and play him again Great Men.

Round 2 : Yan Desmeules (bine éclair) mono black alpha 60+ 6H drive to play against a friend from Quebec City…yes that kind of thing can happen. Have fun playing him again 2 game went pretty fast not able to resist against his old card still be able to in save my Serra Angel with my Guardian Angel killing 2 hippies by saving it. He did not bring any sideboard and he let me keep 1 Guardian Angel intended to give to my opponent since I know him and I will miss one at the end of the day because I got only 6. We have play 2 alpha game since it was pretty fast and have many time left. Still lose this game even with my alpha (bad day going on) still manage to berserk a Vampire and fog it to get it killed, little thing like that put smile on my face and his too 🙂

Round 3 : Andy Baquero (demon deck) I Have already met him at the TWC2 in Mtl in March playing a cool Brew with gravity sphere,wall,and mask. I was impatient to play him to see the cool Brew he came with… first victory of my tournament came in game 1 great matches taking care of the board and dealing damage with Serra and Sphinx, before game 2 told Andy about my no sideboard thing and he accepted. It was Andy’s turn to win, Going land destruction with the Horde, deciding to play paralyse on my Bird of paradise( last hope that I get to cast my balance in hand) was waiting on it for to long because I wanted to be sure he will not be able to pay the upkeep cost of the horde… in game 3 I managed to win my first round. Had fun and I know I Will see him again.

Round 4 : Marc Jonovitch (pink weenie) have bought a mana vault from him the day before the tournament did not know what to expect. The game 1 went pretty fast, Lion,javeliner and blood lust destroy all my hope more that 1 time in game 1, show Marc my special sideboard card and he accepted to not sideboard, game 2 seemed like déjà vu, and lost it pretty fast again.

Round 5 : (Captain) Paul Kovalov (uw draw control deck) I managed to win game one preacher/blessing done the job with the angel, I show him my no sideboard card and was pleased by the idea and accepted. Game 2 was a marathon he have cast 1 divine intervention that I have take care of. after trying to cast creature that were counterspelled, I did finally cast some threat but not enough to go trough is maze and ivory tower. Cards remaining in his deck were pretty low,he draw a feldon’s cane and use it…as he done that I look at time remaining and saw around 8min. I don’t like to slow play but I did take 30sec turn instead of 10sec turn my library was short and we both have plenty on mana I was fearing a big fireball to end that game but I have a guardian Angel in my hand so I feel safe. Just as time for the round ended he managed to cast divine intervention and that one ended in a draw. After the game he told me is plan was to only make draw game, I suggest him to play sharazad the next time to help him reach is goal. Have fun playing him even play some alpha 40 between some round.

Round 6 : Jared Miller (4 colors Gwendolyn control) Sadly i do not remember much of that round. Probably lost 2-0 since the deck is not great, was not expecting to have a good result with it but to have fun and that was the main reason I was there. I show the guardian angel and he asked me to sign it if I’m not mistaken.he did not sideboard. was great meeting him and sling some cardboard hope to see him again in future event.

Round 7 : Andrew Mattus (mono red gauntlet) at the start of that round like I did in all other, I have asked him if he want to cut the deck to see who will start with the higher casting cost. His answer was No, pretending I will know is deck tech and probably can give me a edge in the game? Lost game one pretty fast can hold on to this kind of deck with fire power, before start of game 2 I show him my no sideboard card and he decided to use it any way wanting to have a better result… we were at table 47, I wrote a little something more on the Angel that I gave away for him. Lost game 2 the same way I have lost game 1 pretty fast and burned. Still was fun to play against that kind of deck, probably the only game I have regret to not play my tax/edge with my 2cop red main deck.

6/7 opponents have played without sideboard

Sadly I have left a bit before they give the final standing and the give away card for spiciest deck… Just a bit later after coming back from the restaurant, Quebec Brew member told me that you have talked about my story and give me a splendid Feldon’s cane that was in the prize pool. I will be honored to play with it remembering the reason of why I get it.

This will be in my heart

On Sunday we left Boston to come back home… nice souvenir in pins,patch,stickers even traded my playmat I was playing with. but more important souvenir in my « heart » of a great community that I am pround to be a part of…

Need a jacket to put that on

Monday September 23, finally got time to see my grand mother for a last goodbye at the cemetery. I’m feeling at lot better now in my mind about my choice.

I left the guardian there… I can now reshuffle all the good memory in my deck.
My family found that text in my grandmother handbag, wanted to share it…

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